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No matter what size of space or type of property you occupy, ClikFIX® can make it easier for you to place service requests, help you track your requests and minimize your total cost of occupancy.

ClikFIX is available across most properties managed by BentallGreenOak in Canada. With an average answer speed of six seconds for phone requests, we consistently earn high satisfaction ratings from our tenants.

Service requests can be submitted at any hour. Each request is promptly dispatched to the appropriate building operations personnel or approved contractor electronically. Progress is monitored through to completion to ensure work is carried out within the deadlines set for specific activities, ensuring that you consistently receive exceptional customer service.

We're here for you 24/7

ClikFIX isn't a replacement for people, it's another tool that enhances the personal service we deliver to you. You can contact us at any time of day or night by whatever means is most convenient for you - phone, web, email or fax. Our service centre is open around the clock, so there's always a Building Service Representative available to assist you. All service requests are dispatched to the appropriate building operations personnel or approved contractor electronically. For urgent matters, please contact us by phone so we can ensure we have the necessary information to deal with the situation promptly.

Service delivery is tailored to tenant needs

Through ClikFIX, we can customize service delivery to meet the requirements of each property we manage. Our property managers work closely with our tenants to ensure your needs are met. Tenant representatives who are designated as key contacts can choose to be automatically notified of key events around a service call - a particularly useful feature for larger tenants with multiple requests outstanding at any given point in time.

ClikFIX saves you time and money

The unprecedented level of accountability that is built into ClikFIX means that you spend less time tracking your service requests. Our tenants also benefit directly from BentallGreenOak's purchasing power. Long-standing relationships with contractors and national purchasing programs translate to economies of scale across our operations.

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